Touch Of Wellness -

  Enzyme Facial 60 Min. $80 
Asuperlative cleansing and anti-aging facial . Your aesthetician will customize a masque for your skin type. Double Cleanser, Exfoliate,Enzyme, Toner, Masque, Serum, Moisturizer and SPF is applied.  Steam,  a soothing massage and Extractions are included.

European Facial 60 Min. $65 
Keep your skin firm, tight and clean. This Facial includes a cleanser, steam, exfoliate, masque, serum, moisturizer and spf.
 (does not include enzyme)

Back Facial 60 Min. $65
A treatment designed to exfoliate and soothe the back while rejuvenating the skin and muscles. The perfect treatment if you have breakout concerns. 
Gentleman's Facial 60 Min $65 
Facial is customized to deeply cleanse and hydrate with consideration of facial hair. This also includes extractions and ingrown hair removal.

30 Min. Facial $35
Aesthetician recommended: Perfect for freshening the skin and  routine treatment. Steam, Cleanser, Toner, Masque, Moisturizer, Serum and Spf. 

Skin Script Enzymes:
Coconut Papaya:  Sensitive Skin 
Lemon Zest: Hyperpigmentation 
Passion fruit: Firming (increases collagen & elastin) 
Raspberry: anti aging 
Pomegranate: lightens & firms skin 
Blueberry: powerful antioxidant 
Pumpkin: for resilient skin ,dissolves dead skin cells

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